Recent Publications

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Short Bio

I'm currently researcher at Inria in the Parietal Team. My work is on statistical machine learning, signal and image processing, optimization, scientific computing and software engineering with primary applications in brain functional imaging (MEG, EEG, fMRI). Before joining Inria, I was during 5 years assistant professor at Telecom ParisTech in the signal processing and machine learning department and before I was at the Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging at Harvard University in Boston. I am also an active member of the Center for Data Science at Université Paris-Saclay.



Address: Inria Saclay Île-de-France, Bâtiment Alan Turing, 1 rue Honoré d'Estienne d'Orves, Campus de l'École Polytechnique 91120 Palaiseau


  • scikit-learn - A Python project for machine learning.
  • openmeeg - C++ package for low-frequency bio-electromagnetism including the EEG/MEG forward problem. OpenMEEG implements the Symmetric BEM which has shown to provide very accurate solutions. Some features: parallel processing, Python Bindings, Matlab integration with Fieldtrip and BrainStorm.
  • MNE - A complete package to process EEG and MEG data: forward and inverse problems (MNE, dSPM, MxNE), stats, time-frequency analysis.

More on my Github Page




PhD Students



  • PhD/Post-doc positions on machine learning and signal processing with applications in neuroimaging (MEG, EEG)

This list is fuzzy so please contact me directly for potential opportunities.